Looking for inspiration?  Every month, we challenge ourselves to look at the                           Accucut dies in a new way.  Here are some card and scrapbook projects using                       one of the dies available in the house.  

Accucut Die of the Month: August 2017

Ovals!  Since we recently used the oval window card for a contest, this month, it feels like we are using the "donut hole" instead of the donut.  Huh... or maybe I'm just hungry as I type this.  Either way, there are lots of great ways to use the ovals on a card.  You can make matted images or text, you can fill in the hole on the oval window card in interesting ways... or.. like we did this month - you can make lots of cool punch art or cool handles for a card!

Next time you are at the house - see what you can do with this great die.. or any of the other "donut holes".  And, of course, if you send us your pictures, we'll upload them into the gallery as inspiration for others.

Bunny Punch Art Scrapbook Page

For this bunny, we used the biggest two oval sizes from our die.  However, if you were looking for a smaller bunny, just start with smaller ovals.  The technique is exactly the same.  Also, if you have oval punches (and who doesn't, right?), feel free to make an even smaller one for the front of a card.  It's easier than it looks.

You'll need 12 ovals, total.  There are 2 for each ear and each foot, 3 for the body/arms, and one turned horizontal for the head.

For the edging of the bunny pieces, we used white ink to add a little texture.  We added more on the tummy than on everything else to provide a little contrast. 
For the edging of the bunny pieces, we used white ink to add a little texture.  Also, a snowflake punch was used to make the eyelashes over the circle punch eyes.  Add gems or fuzzy paper/flock for extra special touches.  

The mouth was drawn on with a sharpie, and the ribbon bow was added last.  For this tutorial, words are less effective than pictures. For this tutorial, the step by step pictures below are worth a thousand words.

Gatefold Card

For this gatefold card, we decided to use the ovals as "handles" to open the card.  Different patterned paper would change the feel of the card immediately.  So, this is an all-purpose design that you can add to your repertoire with only a tiny bit of effort beyond a regular gatefold card!

1. Starting with an 11 X 4 1/4 inch piece of cardstock, fold the two ends towards the center to create the gatefold base.  This can be done with an eyeball, but if you'd prefer to measure and score, feel free.


Tuxedo Card

This card was the result of just "trying things out."  As you can see, the ovals were used to make the bow tie on this card.  They are folded in half and attached to each other with a small wrap in the center, but you can achieve a similar look by cutting one oval in half.  If you want to add more layers, just add smaller folded ovals to the top.  Also, change the patterned paper to change the occasion and the color scheme of the card.

1. We made the bow tie first.  Again, fold the ovals in half and attach them each to a center wrapped strip of coordinating cardstock.
2. For the blue gatefold card, we started with 8 1/2 X 5 1/2 inches and folded to meet in the center.  Then, we folded the lapels down.  It was all eyeballed.
3. Using coordinating patterned paper, add the "neck strap" to the card.  We literally used scraps.
4. Attach the bow tie and add gems to make the shirt buttons.
5. Then, stamp the words on the inside...but do a MUCH better job than we did!  Ours is upside down.  Oops!  You can see how great it would look though.. if we'd done it right.  :)

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