Want the whole house?  Want to share? 

                                        We have just the right options at just the right price! 

Rates & Reservations

All reservations start at noon and end at 3 pm the following day.
All prices include WI sales tax.

House Rates*

Friday & Saturday:                        $400/night


Extend your weekend

by adding a Sunday

and/or weekdays:                          $360/night


Get our best rate

when you stay six

days in a row:                                $300/night



Contact us to ask about weekday or daily rates.

Small Group Rates

Sometimes, it's nice to just get away with a very small group instead of worrying about filling the whole house.  Here's what we can do:

Last Minute: Our weekends usually fill up in advance. If you see an open weekend within the next 35 days, and you want a deep discount for your small group, you could pay close to half price or less depending on the size of your group!

Social: Want to try to get others to join your small group so you can fill the house? Let me know and I can advertise to help fill the house.  Check the calendar for scheduled Socials or use the Group Finder page to request a Social. You'll pay by the room instead of the house rate.

Loyalty Discount - 20% off to any previous Hobby Home customers!

This generous loyalty rate applies to anyone who has stayed in the house - even if the reservation was coordinated by someone else. As long as your name has been listed as a guest, you qualify!
Need help filling the house?
The Hobby Home has a Group Finder which allows you to meet other crafters willing to share a reservation. The email list will help you communicate with other crafters when you need a few more folks, and you'll learn when other people need just a few more people in their group.  Create a new friendship group to divide the costs and double the fun!
Here's how it works:
Check the calendar below to look for open dates and/or Hobby Home Socials.  When you find the date(s) you'd like to reserve, fill out a Reservation Request form.  You'll receive  an email response with instructions for completing your reservation.  A down payment and rental agreement are required to reserve a weekend, and full payment is due one month prior to your reserved date.