The Hobby Home is located in Janesville, WI - very
                              close to craft stores and restaurants!


Janesville, WI is around an hour away from Milwaukee, Madison, and Rockford, and The Hobby House is easily accessed by most major highways in the area.  Once you've made your reservation, the street address will be provided so you can get more specific directions.  (The address is not on this website for safety/security reasons.)

From the North, you'll exit onto Milton Ave (Highway 26) using exit 171 A.
From the South, you'll exit onto Milton Ave (Highway 26) using exit 171 B. 

Highway 26
From Milwaukee, and many places East of Janesville, Highway 26 will become Milton Ave

Highways 11 and 14
From Dubuque, and many places West of Janesville, you will still be looking for Highway 26 (Milton Ave).  Highway 14 intersects with it on Janesville's East side.  Highway 11 intersects with Highway 51, and that will intersect with Milton Ave.