Run out of something?  Just need some retail therapy?                                                Janesville has several stores where supplies for just about                             every hobby are available.  These are just a few!


Convenience is the key, and The Hobby Home is right down the street from several craft stores, restaurants, and even a couple grocery stores!  Check out what's nearby, and you'll know why this is a perfect crafter's retreat!

Craft Stores

JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store is moving to a brand new and bigger location soon!  For now, it's just a half mile away.  When it moves, it will still only be a mile or two up the road. It's always worth a visit.This store has supplies for just about every kind of crafter, and it's perfect for those quick refills and last-minute items.

This yarn store is only 2 miles away and right next to a bead shop.  Happy shopping!

There aren't many crafting supplies you can't find at a Hobby Lobby, and it's just 2 miles away.

Let's Eat!
You've got to eat, right?  If you are in the mood for eating out, your closest options are within walking distance.  There's a great family restaurant and liquor store just a few blocks away. And that's just if you feel like walking.  Dozens of other restaurants are within 2-3 miles of the house. 

In the mood to cook?  There is a Sentry just a few blocks away, and a Schnucks/Logli just a half mile away.  Of course, those aren't your only options.  Three major grocery stores are within 3 miles.  One of your options is Basics Food Store, which has organic and bulk food options for those with specific grocery needs.

If you don't want to take a break long enough to cook or go out for something to eat, don't worry.  Food will come to you!  There are lots of pizza options and one or two sandwich options that will come right to the door.  It doesn't get more convenient than that!

And There's More!
As if the craft stores and food options weren't enough, there are many general retailers close by.  For starters, there's an office supply store less than a mile away.  Target, Shopko, Kmart, Walmart, Sam's Club, the Janesville Mall, and countless other shopping options are within 2-3 miles.  Some of these stores are open 24 hours a day, so you can plan your break whenever it fits into your busy crafting schedule.