We've stocked up, so you can save room in your suitcase
                                     for what really counts - crafting supplies!

The Hobby Home is a great craft retreat, but you'll want to bring some of your own personal touches.  Additionally, there is no phone on the premises, so at least one crafter should bring a cell phone for emergencies or ordering pizza.  If you have questions about whether or not something specific is included, feel free to contact us.                                                     
The Craft Area includes:

Desks (five- foot desk, lamp, office chair)                             


CD player / radio
Speakers for music devices 
TV with Netflix and Pandora

Paper cutter

Accucut machine and dies

So you might bring:

Scrap paper                              

Computer or mobile devices

Music player / CDs

Craft supplies

Craft tools

Dies for Accucut

Camera (for the memories you make during your visit!)

The Bedrooms and Bathrooms include:

Twin beds (sheets, 2 pillows, blankets)                                

White noise machines

An extension cord by your bed for charging your devices

Towels (bath & hand, including washcloths and hair towels)

Hand soap  

So you might bring:

Toiletries (toothbrush/paste, shampoo, etc.)

Your favorite pillow (optional)

PJs and slippers

Books, magazines, DVDs

Mobile device chargers

The Kitchen includes:

Appliances (fridge, stove, microwave)                             

Crock pot, toaster, blender, & 2 coffee makers (regular and Keurig - BYO cups)

Dishes (plates, bowls, cups, flatware)

Cookware (pots and pans, mixing bowls, spatulas, etc.)

Clean-up (paper towels, dishwasher, broom, etc.)

So you might bring:

Meal ingredients



To-Go Containers for leftovers