The Hobby Home is Closed.  Thank you for 7 great years!

The Hobby Home is Closed.  Thank you for 7 great years!

Seven years ago, I opened The Hobby Home for my very first customers.  It was a dream 3 years in the making, and I poured all my love, passion, and, frankly, time and money, into making that dream a reality.  No one could have predicted how many wonderful people I met along the way and how many amazing people put their faith in my business.  Some of you have been my customers since the first year or two and made the transition with me from the first house to the wonderful place we’ve enjoyed for the last few years. 

Thank you.

Now, though, we are experiencing something also unpredictable – the uncertainty and daily changes of a world-wide pandemic.  In the beginning, I had hoped that my momentum could carry the business through a couple rough months.  It is with the heaviest heart, and with tears that haven’t stopped falling since I was forced to make the decision, that I tell you now that I can no longer keep The Hobby Home open.  We made it through those rough couple months, but as we look forward, it’s impossible to tell if our country and our state will be forced to continue restrictions as have been implemented all over the world.  For so many countries, the restrictions have been in place for more than 3 months, and the loosening of those restrictions has caused second waves of increased cases. 

This pandemic has taken loved ones from me, so the sadness over losing my business is tempered with the understanding that this pandemic is taking so much from so many people.  My heart goes out to all your families.  I hope you are safe, healthy, employed, and insured.  I hope you still have dreams that you chase with all your heart.  I’m so crushed that I have to stop chasing this one, and I am so sorry for any inconvenience or sadness that this outcome has caused. 

I hope you remember your time at The Hobby Home fondly and that you continue to enjoy craft weekends again, as soon as we all can. 

Thanks again.

The Vogl Family